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    Speed Queen Washer

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    • Sale : $899.99
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      Speed Queen 26" Top-Load Washer with 3.3 cu. ft. Capacity and 6 Pre-Set Cycles
      Speed Queen laundry equipment is designed, built and tested to deliver commercial-grade performance. 25 years of professional experience backs up Speed Queen's dependability. They use metal components where other manufacturers use plastic. They rigorously test their products to the limit to ensure consistent, reliable performance and superior results. They make no distinction between the machines they engineer for use in commercial applications and the machines they offer for the home. You can be sure that your Speed Queen equipment is built better to last longer.

      Speed Queen washers feature a 210-degree agitator with 60 strokes per minute, providing maximum water-to-laundry contact. They also feature tubs that spins during the draining process, preventing dirt from lingering in the wash.

      This top-load washer offers six (6) pre-set cycle options and three (3) temperature settings. With variable-speed induction, the motor has a maximum RPM of 710 and a G-force rating of 150. There are bleach and fabric softener dispensers so you can just set up the washer to distribute those items itself when it gets to that point of the cycle. An extra-rinse option lets you rest assured that your garments have been thoroughly cleansed of dirt and soapy residue. The outer appearance of the unit is a clean white, and the mechanical knob controls are super-easy to use and very straightforward.
      Cleaner Clothes
      • Perfected mechanical action moves more laundry through the water
      • Tub spins during draining to prevent dirt from being left behind
      Time Remaining Display
      • Eliminates guesswork by clearly showing when your laundry will be finished
      Full Tub Wash and Rinse
      • Fills the entire tub with water to achieve maximum cleanliness
      210° Agitation
      • 60 strokes per minute provides a better clean that's gentle on your clothes
      Durable Stainless Steel Tub
      • Tub is gentler on your clothes and ensures long-lasting, dependable performance
      No Lid Lock
      • Lets you open the lid to stop a cycle at any time
      Commercial-Grade Steel Cabinet
      • Provides three layers of protection for maximum durability
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